Daily Use of an Electric Slicer Will Make You Appreciate the Difference in One Made by Berkel

A major part of working in a deli is using an electric slicer. It’s probably the tool you use more than any other piece of equipment because it can be used to slice meat, cheese and vegetables. At Talis Equipment, we’ve got the electric slicer that is perfect for your operation and because our restaurant slicers are made by Berkel, you can be sure that they’ll be long lasting and durable. When it’s time to replace your electric slicer or you’re ready for an upgrade, it won’t take long for you to find the size and model that will be most appropriate for your purposes at Talis Equipment.

We’re known for offering one of the largest varieties of restaurant equipment because our customer base is extremely diverse. For example, not everyone needs the same size electric slicer, so that’s why we carry slicers with blades ranging from 9″ up to 14.5″. Every food service business desires increased productivity and efficiency when performing their daily tasks. By upgrading just your electric slicer you’ll quickly see the difference in both time saved and profits earned.

That can be improved even more as you upgrade other tools in your kitchen. If you need equipment to help package and display your products, we also carry scales and vacuum pouches. Each of our products comes with different options to cater to the needs of your specific business. With quality equipment from Talis providing a consistent product you’ll have satisfied a customer which is the ultimate goal.

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