Back Pain Relief

I have pain and swelling in the knee and Ankle for months and not know why. Can anyone help?

I recently moved from Miami to San Francisco in November. As soon as I got here I developed a pain in my knee and mild swelling due to hyperextended knee (check here). Sometimes it makes me pop my hip like a knuckle that vary in pain when I do. Stretch and make Epson salt baths minor temporary relief. Its accompanied with a tightness in the muscles of the thigh and calf. Can anyone tell me what could it be?

Hello, if you can not think of anything else that caused this there is a possibility it is fluid retention. Often caused by its flowing lines blocked in the body – sometimes because of previous injuries. One thing that helps a lot is the gel of magnesium. If pain relief also – Gel lawang magnesium oil. Fantastic stuff, give it a go and probably find the problem goes away within a week. If you are interested try typing that name in its search engine, which takes you directly to a website that sells it – the only one I know comes from Australia but I’m sure there’s probably something closer to home there too. All the best.

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