Dry Cough Remedies For Infants At Home

There are several remedies to relieve the cough that can be used to reduce the discomfort suffered by the baby as a result of a dry cough. Running a hot shower behind closed doors for about 20 minutes and then holding the baby inside the room as they inhale the steam is one of the most effective remedies for infants that one can try in order to reduce the intensity of dry coughs.

Running a cool mist humidifier in the baby’s room especially when the baby is sleeping is also one of the remedies. This is especially important during winter months when the air around the house is likely to be very dry as a result of constant use of indoor heating units since the dry air makes the baby’s throat feel even drier and worsens dry coughs.

Dry Cough Remedies For Infants

Constantly giving the child fluids such as breast milk, water and diluted juices to keep the throat adequately hydrated and minimize the coughing is also one of the remedies for infants. The child will most likely to resist breastfeeding or being bottle fed due to the discomfort they are experiencing but you must persist and ensure that your child takes sufficient amounts of fluids.

Making sure the infant gets sufficient amount of rest to enable the body recover faster is one of these remedies for infants. Rocking the baby gently and ensuring the house is quite helps the baby get adequate rest. A mild pain reliever that is safe for the infant can be given at the dosage recommended to reduce the pain the child experiences thus helping them have better rest.

Ensuring there is adequate flow of fresh air in your house is also one of remedies for infants that you can use to help reduce the occurrence, intensity and duration of your child’s cough. You can improve the amount of fresh air flowing in your house by opening windows whenever the weather allows and installing fans in rooms that have no windows. Also avoid smoking cigarettes within the house and discourage other people from smoking in your house. You should also avoid using aerosol sprays, pesticides, perfumes and other products that may worsen your baby’s cough.

Over The Counter

Keeping the baby’s room cool and avoiding overdressing the baby is also among the remedies for infants and it aids in alleviating the symptoms of a dry cough. Overdressing the baby leads to increased loss of fluids through sweating increasing the risk of your baby getting dehydrated, it also raises your baby’s temperatures to fever like levels increasing the discomfort your baby experiences.

Among these remedies for infants is maintaining the child in a half-seated position by supporting him or her with cushions placed behind their back if you notice that the cough gets worse when they lie down. If you observe that none of the dry cough remedies for infants suggested above are working for your child and the cough is steadily worsening then do not hesitate to visit the doctor for further diagnosis.


Purchasing over the counter medication is not among the recommended dry cough remedies for infants since studies have indicated that they pose serious negative health risks to your child.

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