Life Without End Theory of Personality

Life Without End is a theory promulgated for those people seeking a viable alternative to religion and evolution. The basic premise of the theory is that our lives are restored many times throughout eternity and that as a consequence we will all live forever. Key concepts of the theory are described in the next sections. These concepts are at the present time hypothetical constructs that need to be scientifically verified. They are reasoned out of the expectation that as science advances in the years and generations to come, it will discover the reality of life restoration. Life Without End provides the foundation from which validating scientific investigations can be launched. The concepts are thus treated in the following text as factuals.

Life Trace

As we pass through life, we leave a trace of our being; one trace for each living being. A trace consists of the whole of one’s own existence at each point of time in span of the person’s life. At each point in the life trace is the totality of the person’s own identity, including the person’s knowledge, memories, feelings, thoughts, motivations, health, joys and sorrows. No matter you are a sapiosexual person or romantic person, peoples’ traces are accessed through the various records and images that were obtained at the time such as photos, movies, personal interviews, acquaintances’ memories and diaries. These traces permanently exist in past-time, which is the period of time of one’s life. Past-time exists for all time, it can never be disturbed. A person’s living trace endures in past-time forever.

Natural Life

Each of us has a natural life, which is what we are consciously thinking, feeling, and doing now. It began at birth and will end upon our death. Death occurs from many different causes – old age, ill health, natural disasters, suicide and accidents. Another, less common, end-of-life occurrence is a cataclysm, which is when every material thing in the Universe is destroyed. While we are not aware of an event of that magnitude (How could it be?), it most certainly had to have happened many times in the past and will undoubtedly occur a multitude of times in the future. We can be assured of manifold Universe-wide cataclysms for two reasons, first, that cataclysms will indeed occur and, second, that considered in terms of the time span of eternity, there is time enough for cataclysms to occur repeatedly without end.

Life Restoration

Following the complete disintegration of the Universe from a cataclysmic event, total chaos ensues. Chaos is however antithetical to the cohesive nature of the Universe; this cohesion is how it was formed in the first place. Immediately after a cataclysm, the Universe begins to reintegrate, that is, to reform itself. It does this at a time of existing cohesion, which was in the past, at a point in past-time. The point at which it reintegrates is completely random, as it cannot select a preferred point. This point in past-time may be at any time between the beginning of time and one second ago. At the moment of Universe reintegration in past-time, life is reinstated exactly as it was at that time for all living matter simultaneously. A cataclysm can occur while we are living or after we have passed, and in either case all is restored.

Our New Lives

Because the reintegration of the Universe occurs at a random point in past-time, reintegration will invariably happen at a random place within our own living trace in past-time. And due to innumerable instances of Universe reintegration throughout eternity, our lives will be restored many times exactly as we were at the points of reintegration. This is life without end. When life is restored within our living trace, we are not aware of the restoration; we continue on with what we were doing as though nothing had happened. Our thoughts, memories, motivations and so on are the very same as they previously were at that point. At the restoration we are not aware of the future events that occurred in our past-time because our memories are only of the past. This is also evidenced by the fact that we cannot see into the future even though our own lives have been restored many times. Similarly we don’t have memories of past life restorations, only the pasts of our natural lives we are now living. We also do not experience a “break” or hiatus between our natural deaths and life restorations inasmuch as we have no consciousness of death. When a cataclysm occurs after death and then when life is restored, a person goes on living from the restoration point in the person’s living trace as though nothing untoward has transpired.

New Life Traces

The events that occur during our lives are fully random, so that following the life restorations different random patterns of events will happen to us. And because we respond differently to them, a new life trace is created after each life restoration. The new trace originates from one of the many previous traces at the point where the restoration randomly occurred. The new trace is life fully restored with a life span uniquely its own. The new trace is then permanently established in past-time along with all previous life traces. Innumerable traces are possible for us since life restorations continue forever. At no time are we cognizant of our other life traces because they are not energized, that is, they are not active. As for memories, when life is restored and a new life trace is begun, one’s memories are the same those that existed at the point of the restoration. We don’t have memories of other life traces. The relationships between life traces of a typical individual are represented in the illustrations in the following pages. Only a few of the many possible traces are depicted; any other trace is possible. An innumerable number of life restorations and their subsequent traces exist for each of us.

Implications of Life Without End

Life Without End offers a sharp contrast to evolution and religion. Eternal life is absent from the principles of evolution; death is permanent and only your DNA lives on through inheritance in successive generations of your progeny. Life Without End also presents an appeal that religion cannot match. Eternal life is likewise not included in some very popular religious beliefs such as Buddhism, the fourth largest religion in the world. On the other hand eternal life is a feature in two largest religions – Christianity and Islam – but it has to be earned through faith in and practice of the religions’ dogmas and the afterlife is in “heaven,” where peoples’ souls supposedly reside throughout eternity. Life Without End in comparison is automatically conferred upon every single person at all times without prejudice and life is restored here on earth in present body form. There is, however, room for evolution and religion in Life Without End. Evolution accurately explains our historical antecedents; the evolutionary path beginning with a simple organic molecule to present day variability through natural selection has been scientifically authenticated. Religion, too, can be accommodated in Life Without End, at least the parts about being kind and charitable to others; living life without hatred or animosity; and treating others of all ages, economic circumstances, races and cultures as equals. Life Without End should be an encouragement to everyone. Each person will experience life restorations at different ages through eternity. Because many of these restorations will occur at an age greater than we are now, it would behoove us to begin a campaign aimed at achieving a state of personal peace and tranquility so as to have that as our legacy upon or next life restorations.

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