Trumatic Brain Injury

What sets the trumatic brain injury apart from other injuries is the body’s inability to heal the injury on its own…

What sets the trumatic brain injury apart from other injuries is the body’s inability to heal the injury on its own. One of the immediate symptoms of a traumatic brain injury is loss of consciousness and disorientation. When these symptoms last for more than 30 mins the injury is considered to be serious. In which case the memory of the patients also fails and the patient may not regain his or her memory even after several hours. They may not be able to move some of their body parts such as the arm and the leg. A person who regains consciousness within 30 mins of sustaining the injury is said to be in less critical state nevertheless they require medical attention. Though the magnitude of the injury is less the patient may experience various symptoms like headache, difficulty thinking, memory problems, attention deficits and mood swings. Reports of scans such as MRI and CAT scans are most likely to be normal if the patient has sustained a mild traumatic brain injury.

Automobile accidents ,firearm accidents and falls are some of the most commonly reported way by which a person gets a traumatic brain injury which is also known as TBI. A person can injure their brain by several other ways such as Encephalomalacia and Hypoxia. Hypoxia is a medical condition where the amount of oxygen level decreases in the body. Few minutes of Hypoxia is more than enough to cause permanent damage to the brain. Oxygen level decreases when the person suffers a heart attack, respiratory failure and  drop in blood pressure. Deceleration Injuries, which is a result of the movement of the brain inside the skull opposite to the direction of the skull movement is another prime reason for occurrence of traumatic brain injury. Toxicity also affects the brain as it is known to damage the neurons. Toxicity can occur when the patient has a lead or carbon monoxide poisoning or takes chemicals like solvents and insecticides.

A traumatic brain injury is at times overlooked as in some cases the symptoms of the injury do not appear immediately. Traumatic brain injury is not the kind of an injury that can be neglected at the time of accident. Patients are most likely to develop complications such as increase in blood pressure in the brain, which results in additional damage to the brain. This is why a medical care unit must be summoned the minute a person sustains a head injury.

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